Windshield Repairs


No one knows more about windshield repair than TJ Auto Glass.  We still committed to providing the best quality windshield repair in the world, just like we always have been. A TJ Auto Glass Windshield Repair will restore between 75% and 95% of the optical clarity back to the damaged area while at the same time restoring the windshields structural integrity back to nearly what it was before the damage occurred.

Windshield Stone Chip Repair:
Chip is under the size of a quarter Approximate time 30 minutes

Windshield Large Stone Chip:
A large chip from the size of a quarter to a half dollar coin. Approximate Time 40 minutes

Windshield Additional Chip:
2nd, 3rd, 4th chips on the same windshield done at the same time as the original repairApproximate Time 20 minutes

Windshield Short Crack:
Single line crack under 6 inches long Approximate Time 1+ hour

Windshield Medium Crack:
Single crack 6 to 12 inches long Approximate Time 2 hours

Windshield Large Crack:
Single line crack over 12 but within 18 inches long

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